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Soccer- Girls

TRMS BearsTRMS Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Ryan Crooks





Girls Soccer Schedule 2022

Girls Soccer Schedule 2022


On game days, players can stay after school with Coach Crooks in a classroom or go home, as long as they have a ride back to school. If they stay, school will provide a snack. Be sure to have ALL equipment: cleats, shin guards, Both jerseys, shorts, and socks.

Girls Soccer Roster

8th Grade

Chloe Francis

5- Chloe Francis

Carmen Parks

6- Carmen Parks

Maddison Medina

14- Maddison Medina

Sarah Kelley

15- Sarah Kelley

8th Grade

Leigharyn Searing

17- Leigh Searing

Lorelei Mayfield

18- Lorelei Mayfield

Jessie Bordelon

22- Jessie Bordelon

McKinzie White

24- Kinzie White

8th Grade 7th Grade 6th Grade

Izzy McNeal

30- Izzy McNeal

Kaylee Johnson

11- Kaylee Johnson

Ashlyn Farley

13- Ashlyn Farley

Presley Burford

2- Presley Burford

6th Grade

Madelyn Mayfield

3- Madelynn Mayfield

Aliyah Wilson

4- Aliyah Wilson

Oaklee Reuter

7- Oaklee Reuter

Emauni Pharms

8- Emauni Pharms

6th Grade

Avery Olson

9- Avery Olson

Kelsie Hernandez

10- Kelsie Hernandez

Emelyn Shepherd

25- Emelyn Shepherd

Lila Mae Bailey

26- Lila Mae Bailey

6th Grade 5th Grade

Katy White

27- Katy White

London Mathis

1- London Mathis

Lilly Mathis

12- Lilly Mathis

Aubrey Olson

16- Aubrey Olson

5th Grade  Head Coach

Abbie Russell

19- Abbie Russell

Essey Carroll

20- Essey Carroll

Coach Ryan Crooks

Ryan Crooks